Assisting our clients with divorce matters forms a large part of our practice. Our attorneys have between them more than 40 years of experience in dealing with all types of divorce matters.


When assisting a client with a divorce we are very much aware of just how emotionally difficult this process is. We also appreciate the practical as well as financial difficulties involved in taking this step. We aim to really understand our client’s needs and concerns and design our whole approach to address these needs as best as the legal process allows us to do. In other words we aim to give not only legal but practical advise that assists our clients in taking the big step of leaving one life behind and starting a new one.

Every divorce is unique in its own way. Some divorces are straightforward, uncontested and finalised very quickly whilst others are much more complicated and could take much longer to resolve. For this reason it is impossible to put a single price tag on a divorce.

Our first consultation is always free. The reason for this is to give a potential client an opportunity to hear what we have to say and to decide if they like what they see and hear. It also allows us to get an idea of the issues involved in a particular divorce which in turn will enable us to give the client an accurate estimate of the legal fees and expenses they will be looking at.

We are appreciative of the fact that most clients don’t have the ability to pay the legal fees in one go and will discuss a payment plan with the client that will be affordable and within their financial means.

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