Laage, Schoeman & Stadler Incorporated is a full service law firm situated in Vanderbijlpark.  Our attorneys have been assisting clients for more than 40 years in finding legal solutions to their problems in a pragmatic and cost effective way.

We believe that taking the time to really get to know our clients and to truly understand their needs is of the utmost importance in delivering quality legal services and ensuring the desired outcome in a continuous and consistent manner.

The aim of our firm is to establish lifelong relationships with our clients. We want to be your legal partner through the good and the bad.

We want to be the one’s advising you when you get married, when you buy your first house and when you start your first business. We will also be there should bad times come knocking on your door, be it divorce, financial difficulties or assisting your spouse in finalising your estate after your death.

Practice Areas

Debt Problems

Depending on the nature and extent of your debt obligations one or more of these solutions may be of help to you.


Assisting our clients with divorce matters forms a large part of our practice. Our attorneys have between them more than 40 years of experience in dealing with all types of divorce matters.


A legal duty to maintain exists between people who are married to each other. This maintenance duty also exists between people who are biologically related to each other, for instance between parents and their children.


Assisting our clients with property registrations and transfers.


We offer assistance with the administration and finalisation of deceased estates.

Correspondent Work

We act and provide correspondent services for the following courts:

• Vanderbijlpark Magistrate’s Court & Regional Court
• Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court & Regional Court
• Sebokeng Magistrate’s Court & Regional Court
• Sasolburg Magistrate’s Court & Regional Court

Our Story

The firm was established by Hein Laage during October 1976 in the then booming mining town of Carletonville. He established the firm in conjunction with the firm Schoeman & Kellerman from Welkom with whom he did his articles as a candidate attorney. The firm was initially known as Laage Schoeman & Kellerman.

Mr Laage soon bought out the interest of Schoeman & Kellerman and practised for his own account for a short period of time before he was joined by Peet Erasmus. At this point in time the firm’s name changed to Laage Schoeman & Erasmus. Like many marriages this partnership did not last very long where after the firm’s name changed to Laage Schoeman in 1979.

The firm’s name finally changed to the present day Laage Schoeman & Stadler when Francois Stadler joined the firm in 1982. This partnership proved to be much more enduring and lasted for more than 14 years before the partners decided to incorporate the firm by registering a professional services company known as Laage Schoeman & Stadler Incorporated in 1996.

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